Who is Kate McLauchlan?

Kate McLauchlan has 30 years of experience in gemstone trading specialising in coloured diamonds, white diamonds, sapphire , ruby, black opal and emerald. She is unique in her area of expertise. Unlike many traders in the market place Kate has hands on experience in the mines where she started her career mining for sapphire, and black opal. Her life in the mines took her to many mining fields around the world especially Sri Lanka, Burma and Thailand.

Over time Kate progressed from mining to the purchasing of mine run due to it being far more lucrative. Kate began processing the rough stones through her own cutting centre in Sri Lanka, supplying wholesale gem dealers and jewellers internationally concentrating on Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, New York, London and Paris.

Throughout her career in the jewellery industry Kate has supplied stones to many jewellers including internationally recognised top end brands such as Cartier and Boodle and Dunthorne.

For the last 10 years, she has also sold to word of mouth private clients at trade prices, organised by private banks, insurance companies, investment institutions, solicitors etc.

Here at Kate McLauchlan Gemstone Traders we:

  • Obtain stones direct from source in order to deliver the finest gemstones at trade cost
  • Create bespoke pieces of jewellery in either 18ct gold or platinum
  • Remodel jewellery pieces
  • Re-rhodium jewellery enabling you to change from yellow to white gold at minimum cost
  • Replicate lost or stolen jewellery items
  • Have a wide range of certified stones including:
  • GIA
  • HRD
  • Gübelin
  • Offer free insurance valuations for existing customers
  • Offer investment advice

Kate McLauchlan and the media:

"Kate McLauchlan is, we have been told, one of those rare people who are only truly happy when they are working - a rare form of devotion..." - Angus Deayton (In Search of Happiness)

Kate was quoted in an online article in the Wall Street Journal - CLICK HERE

Kate has appeared numerous times as the jewellery and gem advisor for QVC

Appeared on the Kilroy Smith morning show

Carried out many BBC radio interviews